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At RE/MAX Top Neom, we’re not just another real estate agency; we’re a legacy of excellence and innovation in Dubai. As a proud franchisee of the world’s #1 real estate brand, we offer unparalleled opportunities for real estate agents looking for jobs in Dubai to thrive and succeed in the dynamic real estate market.

Global Recognition

Join a global network with a local touch, connecting clients to their dream homes around the world, right here in Dubai.

World-Class Support

 Enjoy the support of a dynamic team and state-of-the-art technology, all to enhance your role in real estate agent jobs in Dubai.

Top-Notch Training

Access cutting-edge training programs and mentorship to accelerate your career in real estate agent jobs in Dubai.

Limitless Growth

Your potential knows no bounds when you’re part of the RE/MAX Top Neom family, pursuing real estate agent jobs in Dubai.

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Are you a motivated and passionate real estate agent looking for real estate agent jobs in Dubai? We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent like you to join our team.

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Global Recognition

Benefit from the prestige of the world’s most recognized real estate brand, right here in Dubai.


Innovative Tools

Access cutting-edge technology and resources to stay ahead of the competition in real estate agent jobs in Dubai.


Local Expertise

Connect with clients in your Dubai community while leveraging our global network.



Learn from the best in the industry and advance your career in real estate agent jobs in Dubai.

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    Is real estate a good career in Dubai?

    Embarking on a career in Dubai’s real estate can bring about rewarding and transformative experiences. It provides a chance to be part of one of the world’s most dynamic property markets, offering lucrative prospects in a rapidly growing city. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the unparalleled lifestyle that Dubai has to offer. However, it’s essential to note that these benefits come with the requirement for hard work and dedication. Success is not guaranteed for everyone, so be prepared to invest your utmost effort, work harder than ever before, and commit to building your own business as a real estate broker.

    What is the earning potential for real estate agents in Dubai?

    One of the most thrilling aspects of real estate roles, particularly in Dubai, is the potential for substantial earnings. The income is uncapped, allowing you to have control over your financial success. Additionally, there are no taxes to be paid. A career in Dubai’s real estate sector has the power to transform your life. However, it’s important to note that this comes with the need for hard work and a few months of relying on savings as you establish your experience and client base.

    How can I start a career as a real estate agent in Dubai?

    If you have sales experience and a strong desire to succeed, becoming a real estate agent in Dubai is within reach. Begin by reaching out to the recruitment team of your desired company, either through their website or on LinkedIn, to apply for a position. Typically, you’ll have an initial interview with a recruitment agent, followed by a second interview with a branch manager. When selecting a brokerage, it’s advisable to consider the training provided, along with essential tools for success, such as marketing and admin support, lead generation, access to a client database, and opportunities for career growth.

    Is a real estate license necessary in Dubai?

    Certainly, real estate agents must acquire a license from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai. At Re/Max Top Neom, we assist you in the process of obtaining this essential license.

    How can I get a RERA card in Dubai?

    A RERA card is crucial for those aspiring to work as real estate brokers in Dubai. To acquire your RERA card, you’ll first need to secure your residency visa and then complete a certified brokerage course. Re/Max Top Neom is here to support you throughout the process. We assist in obtaining your residency visa and enroll you in a five-day certified brokerage course. Once you successfully complete the course, we will provide you with your certification and license.

    How can I do well in real estate in Dubai?

    Working in real estate may be tough, but the benefits can be amazing. As a real estate agent, you’re like a business owner, creating your own brand. So, it’s important to stay motivated and determined. You’ll face challenges, but being tough and professional, looking good, and communicating well will help you succeed.

    How do I secure a job in Dubai?

    To get started, contact the hiring team of the company you’re interested in, either through their website or on LinkedIn. After an initial discussion with a recruiter, you might be invited for an interview, conducted through phone, video call, or in person, to evaluate your suitability for the role. At Re/Max Top Neom, your journey begins with an initial interview with a recruitment agent, and if successful, you may proceed to a second interview with a manager.